8 years of building, testing, optimizing at The Drain Team

Nothing Predicts Future Success as Accurately as Past Success

Six Month Results at The Drain Team

We have been tracking phone calls from paid ads to The Drain Team and the precise revenue they generate for over two years. We have optimized the campaign to the point where, in the first 6 months of 2017, revenue exceeded 3 times the amount invested, generally a 100% ROI. Verified tracked results from the campaign include:

  • 2,400 Unique New Phone Calls

  • $510,000 in New Business Revenue

  • 750 New Customers

  • $134,000 Net Profit

The Plumbers Digital Marketing System

EyeQuest Digital has developed a full system for every faction of internet marketing. Each part works together to elevate the others. We must start with a successful plumbing company at the foundation – one that offers great service at a competitive price with a great attitude. We translate that success onto the internet in the most influential way possible.

4 Parts of a Comprehensive System

  • Search Engine Pay Per Click Marketing

  • Search Engine Optimization – Organic (Free) Search and Maps Listings

  • Online Reputation

  • Website Design

Search Pay Per Click Marketing

This is the one everyone thinks about…go to Google and search "plumbers near me". When visitors click the results marked "Ads", that company pays Google each time. The Drain Team's campaign gets 1500-2000 impressions a day when the campaigns runs all day. About 4% of those searchers click to their website, 25% of those call, and 30% of those convert into customers.

Over the course of 8 years, we have developed a campaign structure that utilizes every part of the Google Adwords platform to maximize results. We have learned:

  • Which Ads Work Best
  • Which Keywords Really Deliver Phone Calls
  • Which Keywords Result in Bad Clicks That Cost You Money
  • Which Ad Extensions Work for Plumbers
  • How to use geographic targeting to increase ad relevance
  • The ideal structure of a mobile website to maximize conversions


Did you know there are over 1000 negative keywords needed for a plumber's campaign? For example, do not show up for "radiator water leaks" unless you want to pay for hundreds of clicks related to automobiles, not indoor plumbing.

Pay Per Click Marketing to Ease Staffing Issues

The beauty of pay per click marketing is that you only pay when you get a click…and you can turn the campaign on and off any time during the day. So it eases the pressure of needing to have a full schedule to have an extra plumber work. You can turn the pay per click campaign on when there are holes in the schedule until you fill up someone's day. Only spend money when you need to.

What kind of a difference would 1500 new customers and an additional $260,000/year in revenue make for your business? If those numbers sound good, consider giving EyeQuest Digital a call.

Organic Search Engine Optimization

This section includes all instances where you can get search traffic for free, the regular organic results and Maps results. Organic searches are split approximately between 70% Google and 30% Bing. There are hundreds of factors that determine a business's rank and we can control many of them to improve your position. The best way to influence results is by:

  • Developing an appealing, informative, dynamic, easily navigated website
  • Technically setting up your website so search engines easily find what they are looking for and know what you want to rank for.
  • Spreading a company’s Name Address & Phone Number consistently throughout the internet.
  • Gaining external links from other websites

Search Engine Optimization is never complete. Our decade in business has been spent working to develop a process to maximize investment of effort on process so our customers stay ahead of competition.

Website Design

Websites developed with the best practices of driving conversions for plumbers as determined by testing:

  • Multiple, readily visible “Calls to Action”
    • Prominent Phone number
    • Instant Chat
    • Form Available
  • Many “Credibility Building” Emements
    • Embedded Offsite Reviews in “Customer Corner”
    • “Meet the Team” area to establish rapport
  • Call Tracking System
  • Dedicated Mobile site – Not just a reorganized desktop site.
  • A/B Testing for Constant Improvement

Online Reputation

Getting traffic to your site is one thing, but converting those visitors into profitable customers is what you really need. A strong online reputation can improve your chances immensely. All the traffic in the world to your site will not do you any good if visitors and potential customer see you with generally bad reviews. The Drain Team has over 100 positive Reviews on their BBB profile

When looking for a plumber online, potential customers visit your site to form an impression. If you pass that test, The second step is a search for "abc plumbing reviews" to get an unbiased third party view of your company.

Your reviews on Google, Yelp, facebook and the BBB play a huge factor in converting clicks into leads for your company. Great reviews increase your return on investment in all forms of online marketing.

We have systems in place to gain more reviews and monitor and respond to those published.

  • Review Request System – EyeQuest Digital developed an in-house review request system where company employees can enter a customers name and phone number or email address to send a text message or email with a link to several places they can go to leave a review. Plumbers can enter a name and email or phone number (for an automated text) in real time as they speak to a customer at thier home.
  • Review Response System – Potential customers like to see engagement with reviews, good or bad.  Since our customers have little time to craft a response, we have a voicemail hotline set up for them to leave points to make for each response. We then write up the response, get it approved, and publish it for them.
A System Working Together

As in any system, each facet of the EyeQuest Digital Plumbing System needs the other for success. High rankings and lots of clicks mean nothing without a highly converting website or a great online reputation. It has even been suggested that many reviews can affect rankings and that Pay Per Click presence can increase the clickthrough rate of a company in organic (free) listings.

Set up Consultation

Contact us at 813-215-6386 to see more details of the system we have develop for plumbers. We will show you:

  • Phone Call Tracking - the way we track phone calls to match each click to its revenue generation.

  • Pay-Per-Click Campaign Structure – our template with all forms of keywords, negative keywords, and ad groups. The key is geographic relevance.

  • Return on Investment Details – how we keep track of results each month.

  • Analysis of Your Company – We will do a cursory analysis to see your strong and weak points with regards to our plumbers system and a preliminary strategy that could drastically improve the future of your company.

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