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Paradise, Inc.


Bryan Schulis


Importance of a Great Design

Access to great designers is one of the cornerstone of a successful internet marketing company. This design has been very effective since the moment it came off the designer’s computer. The ability to convey necessary feelings and emotions a company wants to present effortlessly marries presentation of the information any visitor seeks from the site.

We wanted this re-design to present the fun of baking for friends and family while giving visitors clear direction to fulfill their needs. Below the hero shot and a brief introduction to the company and its products, visitors can choose to view “Candied Fruit Selection”, “Join the Recipe Club” or “Find the Closest Store” that carries the products.

2017 Redesign

After developing the Paradise digital marketing strategy for several years, it became apparent we needed to improve the functionality of the website. Our content marketing and link building strategy centered around promoting guest recipe posts. Since we needed to organize the reicpe section better, we moved the site to the WordPress platform. We improved the site by:

  • Mobile Respnosiveness for a better phone experience
  • “Cleaner” home page design
  • Organizing the recipes searchable by fruit type or type of baked good
  • Adding promotional information about those who develop guest recipes we publish
  • Better facebook integration
  • Using an Uber menu for easier product selection and navigation
  • Distinct unique “Home Pages” for all product lines.


Lands End Marina

LandsEndMarina.com | mobile.landsendmarina.com

Kevin Howell, Manager


Land’s End Marina had a brochure website that supplied visitors all the necessary information but they wanted a better design with all the features required to drive a marketing campaign consisting of search engine optimization, Pay-Per-Click advertising, and TV commercials. This new site includes:

  • Several Calls to Action
  • Impressive Gallery
  • Blog
  • Fishing Contest Area
  • Social Joining buttons
  • Social sharing buttons
  • Pages for each boat manufacturer they service
  • Mobile version

Land’s End is now dominating the Apollo Beach area for its boat storage and boat service/repair business. But we also wanted to target potential customers who do not live in Florida who only know they want store their boat somewhere on the west coast of Florida. Apollo Beach is a great choice for many reasons that may match what the searchers need. To capture these people, we started a Google Pay-Per-Click campaign and bid on keywords like “tampa bay marina” and “tampa marina”. Consequently, anyone looking for a West Coast of Florida marina will at least be aware of Land’s End Marina.


The Drain Team


Peter Maccio – Owner


A fresh website redesign in 2010 kicked off the campaign with the goal of attaining the #1 Google organic (free) ranking in all cities The Drain Team serves including Tampa, St Pete, Clearwater, Sarasota, Bradenton, Venice, Brandon and up to Hudson & New Port Richey. Unfortunately Google’s algorithm has a strong tendency to rank a local company only in the city contained in its address and The Drain Team is located in Largo.

Google Adwords pay-per-click advertising, will, of course, give space to most anyone willing to pay for it so we developed an extensive campaign in all areas of Florida where The Drain Team trucks roam. This expensive, extensively complicated campaign is, at its core, a simple case of creating a positive return with a small sample size, then expanding while constantly confirming and improving upon the positive return. Keyword level call tracking and analytics play key roles in optimizing this campaign.

Call me for more detailed version of this case study or visit the plumbers campaign outline to learn more and watch testimonial video.


Circles Waterfront Restaurant


Vic Granowicz – Owner


Circles needed to update its simple website and Vic wanted to add an updated comprehensive menu to it with pictures of the dishes. We found a specialized restaurant theme then added content and images.

The entire menu is organized independently for lunch and dinner with a slider providing easy maneuvering between types of dishes. We also developed a mobile site with all the same images, accessible on smart phones.

Waterfront Restaurant

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Customer Lists

A list of customers with any type of contact information can help a restaurant immensely. They can communicate upcoming events, new dishes or run specials on anticipated slow nights. Circles can also capture email addresses and phone numbers for text messages on the website. We also created the circles connect card so patrons can sign up using QR codes on their phones at their table in the restaurant.


Keep it Green Nursery & Landscaping


Brian Grieves, Owner – 813-299-5347

Quintessential Content Marketing

A great lesson in content marketing combined with solid design. One on our first major projects, we built an Escalade of a first website when a Civic would have served more than adequate. Now a nursery in Apollo Beach, FL is getting thousands of visits from people looking for all types of plants and trees across Tampa Bay and Florida. The traffic is a result of the many quality pages we added to the site about individual types of plants and trees people may be looking to buy. Since we wrote a specific page about it, Google displays that specific page to people in the area looking to buy one.

The analytics show over 100,000 unique visitors to the site since launch. Most did not know about Keep it Green before they visited. The site has been the virtually static (no additional pages developed, no further investment for the owner) for a few years and traffic still grew last busy season and still maintains high rankings in Apollo Beach for all services and in Tampa for a large number specific of plants and trees.

Before and after pictures of actual landscaping designed and installed by Keep it Green highlight the landscaping division. Site visitors can usually identify with at least one of the projects and want a similar look for their yard, they often name the project when the call to schedule a consultation.

2017 Redesign

As Circles grew in size and services, we wanted to provide a more robust visitor experience by incorporating more functions and higher quality design and images. We also needed a mobile responsive version so desktop computer and phone view the same page, customized for their device.
Improvements to the 2017 version included:

  • Much better hero image capturing the essence of waterfront location
  • Reservation booking directly from the website
  • Gift Cark purchase directly from the website
  • Static header at top while scrolling so all calls to action are available
  • Live weather camera integration
  • Several photo galleries with professional images
  • Event calendar integration
  • Mobile responsive version with integrated map direction and direct calling.


Lieser Skaff Alexander


Jeff Lieser


Lieser Skaff Alexander started with a solid design on fairly strong website. It had a good number of links from other websites and Jeff developed an adequate directory presence on his own when beginning the practice. The firm was missing a good vehicle for content marketing to take advantage of all features available to those looking for exposure on Google.

We converted the site to the WordPress platform so we could more easily add a blog and control the necessary SEO elements of the website. At the same time we move the site from a keyword rich domain, tampabusinessattorney.com, to a more appropriate domain, lieserskaff.com, because that is the name of the firm. While there may be some benefits of having important keywords in the domain, those benefits are constantly diminishing as Google improves its algorithm. Now it is much more important for a domain to represent your brand. Would Titleist ever use the domain www.golfballsandclubs.com so they could rank high for “golf ball” searches?

The blog addition had a new design with a similar feel to the main site.

The site was able to gain much more exposure in both core and secondary areas of practice because we took advantage of:

Lieser Skaff

Click To Enlarge

  • Google Publishing Markup
  • Google+ Authorship Markup
  • Comprehensive integration of social sites and content
  • Active link building and citation building by Jeff
  • Quality blog post publishing
  • Meticulous cleaning of online directory listings
  • Aggressive discovery and submission to new Directories
  • Mobile version of website

Who looks like the best available eviction lawyer in this search result?

We recently started a highly targeted Google Adwords campaign bidding on very specific keywords for the areas of practice the firm is targeting. The monthly spend will not amount to much because of the low search volume but any visits could convert into highly profitable clients.

gulf tiles

Gulf Tile & Cabinetry


Frank John Garcia – Owner


Gulf Tile and Cabinetry needs a very strong internet presence because they invest heavily in radio ads, specialized magazines and sometimes TV. Consequentially the website gets a lot of direct visitors exploring the company so they need it to enhance the credibility of their quality of products and design services.

The old website looked acceptable but it was very hard for visitors to find what they needed. The company has many products and services in addition to several channels they market to including retail, commercial contractors, designers and architects. Many areas of the site were buried deep within the antiquated menu structure. The old site also had many pages with thin content (not enough information), remnants from an old search engine optimization technique of creating a large site with no regard for quality.

The site redesign incorporate these strategies:

  • Easy Navigation – This company is perfect for utilization of the Uber Menu wordpress plugin. Hovering over an item on the menu opens an expansive dropdown where we can list all products in well-organized columns and categories. Now a visitor can quickly scan the entire list of Gulf Tile’s offerings at one time.
  • Conversion Architecture – Nobody is going to buy tile on the website, so the most important goal is to turn visitors into customers by getting them in a store. We have a store tour for each location in Bradenton, Largo and Tampa as well as individual pages with directions and a map for directions. For kitchen and bath remodeling, we urge those visitors to view the past projects case study section and the “Design Consultation” page to learn about the incredible services Gulf Tile & Cabinetry offer. The have plenty of opportunity to fill out a contact form or call for an appointment with a designer.
  • Project Area – The best way to prove you can perform for a customer is to show how you have done it in the past for others. The project area showcases some of Gulf Tile & Cabinetry’s best results and can be constantly updated as more projects are completed to keep the website dynamic.


Tampa Bay Mitigation Bank


Jamie Scarola – 813-541-3909

This project is a typical brochure website. Visitors are much more interested in the details about what the bank offers than the design of the website, but it still needs to present a professional image. After consultation about the mitigation business in general and what the website visitors need to know, we took this WordPress theme and developed the site. Several designers, each with unique skills suited for their job, contributed to the finished product.

Search Engine Performance

Since there are few competitors in this market, proper foundational search engine optimization during development insured it would eventually rise to the top of relevant search results. It has a minute amount of sites linking to it but Google has determined the when visitors are looking for information about “mitigation credits in Tampa Bay”, this site fulfills that need and Google successfully does its job by serving it to them towards the top.

We also started a highly targeted Pay-Per-Click campaign. For high priced items like mitigation credits, it is clearly worth a few dollars per click to insure potential buyers find your site.


ProSun, International

Philip Doffegnies

Vice President – 800-874-2776

We do extensive consultation with ProSun and Welproma, manufacturers of home and commercial tanning beds. A major initiative was helping to develop an internet marketing starter kit for tanning salon customers. The can use this to provide value-added services to potential customers. It helps any salon establish a basic foundation needed for internet success including:

  • 10-page Website
  • Google Directory page
  • Facebook page setup
  • Online Directory submission
  • Mobile Phone Review Poster

We also provided the content for ProSun’s in-house designer to develop this Prezi to market the program.

Pace Tech

PaceTech, Inc

Steve , President – 727-442-8118

The medical monitor company was in desperate need of a new website and internet marketing plan when I arrived on the scene. The old site, besides containing incorrect information, looked way out of date and done by an amateur. When you are selling $3000 monitors to medical facilities internationally, your website need to convey a much more professional image.

The first thing we wanted to do in the design was show the human side of the company’s mission. Products serve the direct patient caregivers so showing that is important. We attained these additional goals with the design and function of the site:

  • Soft but vibrant and complementary colors to set the tone
  • Clear display of the simple product line available from PaceTech
  • List of main features available on each product
  • List of care settings using the monitor so each can identify.
  • Organized list of features on individual pages, expandable for further explanation
  • Clear call to actions for a phone call quote or form fill-out

We also created a Google Pay Per Click campaign focusing on patient monitor and medical monitor keywords resulting in a 10x profit return on investment.

Oakbridge Realty

grasslands-homes-home-pageGrasslands Homes


Wanda Kaiser – Marketing Coordinator

Phone: 863-647-1100

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