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3-Part Internet Marketing Plan

The EyeQuest Digital comprehensive list of best practices companies can employ to market their business in the digital arena. Very few businesses can use all elements. All industries differ in marketing dynamics and return varying results from each action on this list. A professional consultant is vital to determine which facets you need to prioritize for your business so you invest in the areas that will give you the highest return for your efforts.

Develop Company Website
A great website forms the heart of an internet marketing strategy. Include all these elements in your design to drive the most visitors and conversions. An effective website increases the return on all other marketing efforts.  This part is foundational, meaning that it happens once.
Action Itemscarret-img
Establish Unique Value Proposition Next to Competition
What do you use to differentiate your company against competition? Is it Service? Is it your product quality? Do you give free estimates? Is it price? What do you say to your customers in person? Your website should relay the same message, incorporating those same points. You can then use the same selling strategy within the search results and any other digital advertising you do so prospects will experience a consistent message when they visit your site.
Content – Basic Pages
About Us

The “About Us” page is usually treated as an afterthought on most websites.  After looking at the analytic of so many sites, you would be surprised how many site visitors view the “About Us” page.


Ideally you need a unique page for each product service that you provide.   Each of these
pages serves as a landing page for paid search and also has a better chance of showing up in
the organic (free) search.   Additionally, it allows you to make your sales pitch for that specific topic and the content will be a more relevant to whoever reads it.

Contact Us
  • Consistent Name, Address, Phone Number (NAP)
  • Email address or form
  • Map with Directions if you receive visitors
  • Phone navigation directions
  • Vcard – All information downloadable into visitor’s contact systems.
Calls To Action – What do you Want visitors to do?
“Call Us” – Phone number in the top right

Most visitors instinctively go the top right of a web page to find a phone number to call a business. Why make them search if they have committed their mind to contacting you?

“Fill out this Form”

Don’t leave this off. Some internet users simply like to use electronic communication. Maybe they aren’t able to talk on the phone at the time or can’t speak very well.

“Chat with us”

Instant chatting has emerged as a great way to initiate contact with your potential customers. Many people like it because it is less personal than a phone call, quicker than a phone call or they are not available to speak on the phone. You can either send an automatic invitation after a predetermined amount of time or selectively initiate a proactive chat depending on how the person arrived at your site (was it direct or from search term keywords?). Results for chat vary widely so test the timing, position, message, size and design of the chat box.

Subscribe to Our Newsletter

Email marketing has been around for a long time and continues to thrive. The best results occur when recipients have “opted-in” to get your message. A request to subscribe needs to entice, promise:

  • Discounts
  • Specials
  • New product notifications
  • New website content notification
Pay With- AMEX, Visa, MC, etc.
“Get Free Consultation”

If you offer free consultations, it is a good idea to include that message on your website.   Assuring visitors that contacting you will be essentially risk free increases conversions, especially if free estimates are not a standard practice in your industry.

Like us on Facebook

There are several ways to have your website visitors interact with your company’s facebook page.   A request to “Like Us” automatically puts them in that category when they click on it (as long as they are logged in to facebook).   Then you have access to communicating with them through facebook.

Share content on facebook

The request to “Share on Facebook” is asking visitors to post your content as an update on their page. They can make comment about it as they pass it along. This could be a great way to have your content go “viral” and gain more visitors but it doesn’t necessarily mean they will “like” your page.

Google+ Us

Similar to the facebook “like”, it would be great for visitors to add your Company’s Google+ page to their circles and follow you.

Google+ our content

A “+” on Google for your content means that the visitor is endorsing your content, recommending it to others in their circles. Enough of these “+”s could mean that Google takes notice and realizes your content is serving the needs of visitors.   This could have positive ramifications for search results rankings.

Share our Content on Google+

A request for the visitor to share the content as a post on their Google+ page.

Visit Our Linkedin Company Page
Share our Content on Linkedin
Share this information on Twitter by “Tweeting”
Establish Credibility
Potential customers probably represent your website’s most important audience. They are visiting to decide if they want to hire you or your competitors they saw at the previous or will see at the next website they visit.  If you provide great service and products to your current customers, all you are doing with your website is relaying that information about your company. Since many have never heard of you before, utilize every method at your disposal to build trust.

The need for social proof drives referral business and gives celebrities the power to demand millions just to say they use a product. It can substantially increase conversions on your website if done properly.

  • Text testimonials
  • Scanned handwritten testimonials
  • Video
  • Audio recordings
Links to other Internet Review Sites

The list of possibilities is endless but if you have a large number of positive reviews on review sites people recognize such as Yelp or Superpages, show them on your website. Reviews from an unbiased source are certainly better than any you could put on your site.

Show Industry designations/logos

Every industry has designations that make a company “official”. Even though most would assume a plumber maintains its license, don’t make visitors guess, reinforce it with a logo and link to the official documents. Some examples

  • Contractor License #’s
  • Links to Bar Association for Attorneys
  • Google Adwords Certification
Develop Employee Bio Pages – “Meet our Team”

Especially great for contractors like plumbers or electricians, showing pictures of and bios about the servicemen who the visitor will invite into their home could go a long way toward earning a phone call. When you can build any connection or relationship with the visitor, you are much farther ahead than your competitor. Include a first name, picture, and a short bio about their experience, education, certifications and interests.

Favicon – Miniature logo on the browser address bar
Social Page Embeds

If you have 5000 facebook likes on your page, make sure visitors to your website see that social proof.

Foundational SEO
If you want your company to get found in the free search results area on Google, Yahoo or Bing, make sure you carry out these basic tasks on your website.
Redirect www to non-www

Every website has essentially two addresses, www.mysite.com and mysite.com. Choose one and redirect all pages from the other to chosen one. If you fail to do this, you may

Set non-www or www as preferred url in Webmaster Tools

Once you choose which address you are going to use, tell the search engines with settings provided in Google and Bing Webmaster Tools

Unique Title Tag Every Page

Even though it doesn’t show up on the page itself, the title tag might be the most important 70 characters on it. It needs to tell Google what the page is about, indicate the keywords for which the page should rank, and sell the click since it shows up as the first line in the search results that searchers see.

Write Unique Description Every Page

Similar to the Title tag, the description is another way to tell search engines and Google what your page is about. The description is not displayed anywhere on the page, but often show up as the second and third line of the search result. This should contain keywords in a fluid manner and entice searchers to click onto your site.

Address on every page of website

Particularly important for local businesses, your official name, address phone number and other basic contact information should be displayed somewhere on every page. This further defines the information for search engines and gives potential customers easy access to become customers. The address also has to be marked up using the schema.org tags, defining the information for search engines.

Quality Unique Content Every Page

Nothing could be more important for search engine optimization. If search engines get an indication that your content gives searchers the information they want in any number of ways including click through rates, time on site, non-return to search results or links to that page from other websites, they will rank it high for searches related to that page.

Use H1 tags on every page

The H1 is the headline of a webpage, each page can only have one. The headline has tags in the code indicate its “headline” status to search engines.

Alternate Text on images

The function of the alternate text is to assist those who can’t see by describing the picture in words.   It can also serve to further indicate to search engines what the page is about. Appropriate use of keywords helps, but don’t overdo it.

Use schema.org markup for name address phone number.

This markup indicates to search engines the official business information such as address, type of business, city, state and phone number.

Establish Publishing with Google through company Google+ page.

Businesses can claim their content on their website by adding a tag in the code of each page. The Business uses their Google+ page identification number. That way, search engines know who the original owner of content is if others copy it.

Redirect all old page urls to corresponding new urls

When switching websites, it is usually hard to match urls for each page down to the character due to the programming differences. Therefore, make sure that each page on the old site redirects specifically to the corresponding page on the new site.

Create a sitemap for the domain

For a larger site especially, create one page for users with all your page links displayed in an organized manor.

Create an xml sitemap for domain

The xml sitemap is created in a format specifically to submit to search engines. It is the site’s way of telling them which pages you want them to put in their memory to show in search results.  It increases the chances search engines find all your pages (once again, especially for larger sites) and the result could be higher rankings and more free traffic.

Review analytics for pages that return 401 (broken outside links)

If yours or another website links to a page on your site that does not exist, it will become a broken link. You could be losing potential traffic and link power. Redirect the broken page to the closest existing page.

Minimize Site Loading Speed

This should have its own section it is so important. Page load speed is the one thing that Google has no trouble sharing as a factor in their ranking algorithm. Faster websites generally rank higher than slow websites because people like fast website and Google is in the business of giving people what they want.

Blog – The World’s Real-time Connection to You
Update customers on industry developments, product developments, new projects, company developments, local community, sponsor local events, interview local people, create a directory, google auto complete for popular local searches
Share buttons with Google+, Facebook “If you like this post, share it”

These buttons make it easy for readers of your blog to share the post with friends or circles.

Establish Google+ Authorship on Blog for all authors.

Google now allows writers to claim “authorship” of a piece of content using the author’s Google+ profile.

Mobile Site
Give mobile users the best experience possible on your website. Responsive design (the same web page adjusting to the size of the display each visitor uses) has emerged as a strong solution because there is no need for extra pages or redirecting.  But depending on the type of business and goals of the website, A site specifically designed for mobile phones might still present the best experience.
About 5 pages, all unique content
Clearly state your value headline
Phone number prominent and click to call
Click to get Directions
Set Up Measurement
Analytics – Establish Google Analytics Account through company’s Google Adwords account
Verify site in Google’s Webmaster tools

Webmaster tools is Google’s avenue to communicate directly with site owners. The information is always there, the owner simply needs to verify the site to gain access. Webmaster tools gives information such as:

  • Error Reports
  • Search Terms
  • Indexed Pages (Pages they know about)
Verify site in Bing’s Webmaster tools
Call Tracking

Call tracking provides valuable data used to measure the success of your online campaigns. Dynamic numbers can now indicate not only where the website visitor who called came from in the first place, but also what keywords triggered the visit. We can then import this information into the campaign for an extremely accurate ROI analysis.

Keyword Rankings

The extreme variety of search terms people type these days and the personalization of search results specifically for the user diminishes the importance of obsessing on specific keyword rankings. But knowing your ranking for top keywords and trending over time can provide a fairly accurate indicator of a campaign’s health.

Develop Company’s Off-Site Internet Properties
Your website is your property on your domain. Hundreds of other websites showcase your company in various formats. Take control of and develop your company’s space on their property by carrying out the following activities.  These are also foundational, one-time actions.
Action Itemscarret-img
Define Company’s Basic Information Name, Address, Phone (NAP)
Company Name – Same as official name for everything
  • Check state contractor’s license
  • Federal Employee Tax ID#
  • County licenses
  • Other city licenses
  • Sunbiz.org
Address – same one every time
Phone Number – Check with telephone company 411
Logo – image and URL on website
Define images to use on directory sites
List on basic national data warehouse
Most of the multitude of internet directories get their information from one or more of these national data aggregators. Claiming you company’s listing on these and entering the correct information assures that it will eventually proliferate correctly across the entire internet
Google+ Page
Your Google+ Page runs a close second to your website as the most important property to your company on the internet. A comprehensively developed page with quality content, an abundance of quality reviews and many followers can elevate your business’s overall rank across Google’s entire reach.
Claim and Verify with personal Google+ Account of business owner
Claim and verify company in Google Places – All Locations
Fill in all fields with NAP
Use closest keywords for business category
Enter unique 100 word description with keywords
Create an image 2200×1400 for cover photo
Upload 250×250 Logo
Link website
Create Virtual Tour
Google Author Profile
This is the personal page for each author on your blog. (Google’s equivalent to a personal facebook page). An author can “contribute” to many different web properties.
Create Author/Owner Profile on Google+
Upload good picture of Author
Complete all fields of Author Profile
Mark Author as a “Contributor To” Company blog
Facebook Page Developed
Linkedin Page
Start Company page from owners Linkedin account
Upload Logo
100 word company description
Bing Listing
Yahoo Listing
YouTube Page
Claim and Develop Core Online Directories
Besides claiming your listing on the three main data site, best practices includes individually claiming your listing on the other major online directories and local business sites.
Better Business Bureau
Insider Pages
City Search
Mojo Pages
EZ Local
Get Fave
Ongoing Monthly Activity
Once your foundation is solid, use these activities to build your website traffic, conversions, leads and profit. They all work together. Few companies can include everything in their plan, the key is to consult with an experience internet marketer to determine the best use of your resources.
Action Itemscarret-img
Website Content Addition
Content addition serves many purposes for your internet marketing efforts. A dynamic website is key
Blog Post
Case Studies

Maybe the most important thing some businesses can do. If you show visitors to your site what you have done for customers in the past, they will be more convinced you can do it for them. A great example is the “Landscaping Design Offer” area of Keep it Green’s website. Almost all visitors looking for landscape design and installation can identify with one of the “before and afters”. Whether they have a lot of shade or want a colorful tropical look, they see that Keep it Green has done.

New Products & Services
Current Specials
Spread New Content
Google+ Page Posts
Facebook Posts
Linkedin Post
Link Building
Market blog posts to other blogs and news
Vendor or manufacturer links
Analyze competitors links and try to duplicate
Review Addition
Send review request emails to all customers
Monitor offsite reviews to change email appropriately
Find customers with Google+ accounts
Set up a QR Code review poster in store
Create a QR Code card for technicians to show customers
Confirm employees are familiar with review systems in place
Website Updates
New Coupons or specials
New Employees or information
Post new manual testimonials or reviews for company or employee
Website Technical Maintenance
Monitor Website Uptime

Set up a system to immediately notify someone if the website goes down and take action at once. Without someone monitoring, it could take hours to find out your site down, along with profits for the week.

Check index for useless pages

A search on Google for “site:yourwebsite.com” tells you what Google currently has in its system as possible results for searches. It also means that all those pages are considered in determining the quality of your site. So many pages with thin or duplicate content could hurt quality rating of the overall website.

Check for crawler errors Webmaster Tools
Update WordPress Version

WordPress is constantly upgrading the platform to add new features and increase security. A site has to be saved, upgraded and then checked to make sure nothing is broken on the new version. Many times plugins (code inserted to perform specialized functions) will not work until it is also upgraded. If you don’t consistently upgrade to the next version, you site could be very vulnerable to hackers injecting viruses and spam into your site.

Citation Additions – mentions across the internet
Find more “Industry Specific” Domains
Get Listed.org
Analyze competitor citiation by Google search
Check “Big 3” Listings every three months
Consistent Additions to properties determined by Whitespark
Reputation Management
Check review sites for new reviews
Respond accordingly if possible
Share on Google+
Share on Facebook page
Check review sites for new reviews
Respond accordingly if possible
Share on Google+
Share on Facebook page
Expand Community
Improve Conversion
Change images or buttons on website
Improve text
Change arrangement of sections
Content Addition
A/B Testing
Analyze Results
Current Keyword Ranking
Website Visits – organice, sources, time on site
Measure major keyword ranking
Determine conversions
  • Phone Calls
  • Chats
  • Forms
Google+ Page
Post at least once a week
Update Offer
Blog Author Google+ Page
Post on Company Blog Authors Google+ page
Facebook Posting
Email Marketing
Send out email to those on your list
  • Phone Calls
  • New services/products
  • Discounts or specials
  • Seasonal Change reminders
  • New Employees

How do we use the Master Plan?

By  documenting tactics we can use to accomplish internet marketing goals, we always have a complete picture of the possibility actions.  It is impractical  for a company to commit resources to everything on the list, each type of business benefits most from different actions.

We start every customer with a complete analysis on the status of every action item on all three parts of the plan.  We then prioritize, specific to each company, everything that needs to be done, usually starting with the most important foundational items as well as a few items in “Ongoing Activity” to “start the clock” for things that benefit from long-term consistent activity.   We revisit the plan every month and develop a plan for the next month.

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