Local SEO Digital Marketing Plan

Attract more online leads than your competitors
Action ItemPriorityDescriptionResources
Paid Advertising
Remarketing/RetargetingServing Ads to those who visited your website on websites other than yours. If you have even seen the exact pair of shoes you were shopping for on a different site the next day, you know what remarketing is.
      • Google DisplayGoogle is a great way to remarket, their display inventory is vast so you can eventually reach everyone who visits your site
      • FacebookYou can serve ads to people on facebook if they visit your website.
      • YouTubeIf you have a video, you can insert is as the ad that plays before someone can "Skip" while watching a video.
Search MarketingBidding on Search Engines (Google & Bing) with Keywords. Rarely does business find an opportunity to target potential customers singularly and at the exact moment they search for answers. Show ads for any keywords you want. You pay only when someone clicks on your ad.
      • GoogleThe monster, about 70% of all searches.
      • BingBing can be a great alternative to Google. Most clicks are less expensive. The audience can be a bit less savvy than Google users because it shows they couldn't figure out how to get to Google. But it is also possible that plenty of people who search on Bing could be potential customers.
      • Google Local Service AdsThis is a relatively new platform for Google. These are the three boxes that show up at the very top of the serach results. You have to get approved by Google with a background check and license confirmation. You pay for these ads only when you get an actual lead, so they are more expensive than pay-per-click ads, but might be more cost effective.
[Indent]WazeWaze can be a great avenue to get relatively inexpensive exposure and clicks on a map app where people could be close to your business.
Display AdvertisingShow image ads to people browsing the internet. Audience can be identified by demographics, sites visited, or browsing history
Google ShoppingIf you sell products or services on your website, you can advertise on Google Shopping ads. Enter all your products into the feed and Google can serve them based on keywords or relevance to your products.
Facebook AdvertisingFacebook knows so much about its users that businesses can target a highly focused demographic set in any geography they want with a multitude of options for ad types.
Linkedin AdvertisingLinkedin also knows a lot about its users, mostly about thier business life. It is a perfect option to advertise business related products or services based upon the occupation of your target audience.
Geofencing Advertising -Advertising to mobile phones collected in a virtually "fenced" geographic area (competitor store, event, neighborhood). Once people walk into your fenced area, you can advertise to them on other websites and apps as they use thier phone.
Programatic AdvertisingCompanies collect web browsing data on people identifying them as thier IP addresses. We can use this data to advertise with images to highly focused audiences.
YouTube Video MarketingAdvertise videos to a host of demographics or audience behaviors on the YouTube video platform.

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