Focused Pay Per Click Marketing Exclusively for Plumbers

As a plumber and local business owner, you know a strong website presence can grow your business. Many people start their search for services on the internet and even customers referrals “check you out” at some point.

Many advertising agencies claim  the expertise to create a shiny, new website that magically drives traffic to your door. Sadly, most fall far short of their promises.

Who Can You Trust for Results?

If you have tried other internet marketing firms with lackluster results, we understand you are hesitant and skeptical to try again. You should be. However, ignoring the online opportunity is not the answer either.

EyeQuest Digital

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We are different. Rather than make promises, we deliver results. Over the last seven years, we built an impressive track record with a plumber just like you. One of our first clients was The Drain Team. Through optimizing their campaign, we learned how to get the best results in the plumbing industry.

Why Most Strategy Fails for Plumbers

About 60% of digital marketing strategy is applicable to all business types. The rest, especially in the search or pay-per-click space, requires industry-specific application. Knowing how to manage that last 40% is where most agencies fail. They just do not spend the time to learn and implement the details that bring the best results.

Documented Results from EyeQuest Digital

EyeQuest Digital has already spent the time to learn what works for the plumbing industry, and the results are impressive. After optmimizing for over seven years, The Drain Team’s Pay Per Click campaign (Google Adwords and Bing Ads) now brings in 3 times the amount they invested. That is generally an ROI of 100% per month.

The first 6 months of 2017 resulted in:

  • 2,400 Unique New Phone Calls
  • $510,000 in New Business Revenue
  • 750 New Customers
  • $134,000 Net Profit

Call me to get contact information to the manager who will be happy to share their experience.  All results are documented by using click specific data acquired with Callrail call tracking, obtaining actual revenue attributed to each phone call.

Knowledge is Key

What kind of a difference would 1500 new customers and an additional $260,000 in revenue make for your business? If those numbers sound good, consider giving EyeQuest Digital a call. We have already learned:

  • Which Ads Work Best
  • Which Keywords Really Deliver Phone Calls
  • Which Keywwords Result in Bad Clicks That Cost You Money
  • Which Ad Extensions Work for Plumbers


Did you know there are over 1000 negative keywords needed for a plumber’s campaign? For example, do not show up for  “radiator water leaks” unless you want to pay for hundreds of clicks related to automobiles, not indoor plumbing.

The Secret Weapon for Plumbers

Here is a secret. In addition to learning which keywords work, we also uncovered two killer strategies that really enhance results in the plumbing space:

  • Laser-Focused Targeting
  • Social Proof

Laser Focus

When people look for a plumber, they are usually in a hurry and they want to shop local. Both Google and Bing provide the ability to target customers right down to the neighborhood. So, we take full advantage of that by building an individual campaign and corresponding website and for each city or neighborhood. The visitors immediately feel a sense of comfort that a solution to their problem is right around the corner, in the neighborhood they trust.

Social Proof

The second strategy that enhances conversion rate is social proof. A visitor needs to trust that honorable plumbers can provide the services they seek at a fair price. Placing “Meet the Team” and “Reviews” in prominent places on the website conveys your business is trustworthy.

Stay Ahead of Your Competition

Of course, the world of digital marketing is constantly changing. As search engines evolve and new platforms arise, you need to change your strategies to stay ahead of the competition. For instance, Google recently changed the size allowance for ads. So, why not go bigger? If you did not act upon this new feature, you fall behind.

Also, another new ad extension called “messages” allows mobile phone searchers to direct text from the ad.  While no one knows exactly how effective this will be, we are already testing it out.

Test, Review & Evolve

If pages and campaigns remain static for too long, the returns will drop like a rocket. When you sign with EyeQuest Digital, we constantly evaluate:

  • Landing Page Design
  • Mobile Website Strategy
  • Acquisition Strategies
  • Communication Methods
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising

No need to worry that the best strategy has already gone to your competition. EyeQuest Digital will only work with one customer in each city. Once that slot is filled, however, the opportunity is gone. Why not get on the cutting edge of digital marketing specifically honed for plumbers now.

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