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Saturday, April 19th, 2014 by Patrick Hogan in Design / 0 Comments

We are very proud to launch the redesign of, website for Grasslands Homes, developers of the entire Oakbridge development at the Grasslands Country Club, an upscale golf course community of homes in Lakeland, Fl. We have consulted with them on an internet marketing strategy for about a year familiarizing ourselves with the business. We decided to give the company a fresh online look in addition to incorporating so that it would both aide in search engine optimization as well as increase conversions from the site.

The Old Site

Old Home Page

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While professionally done, the old site looked dated with drab colors that did not present the necessary vibe the Oakbridge community deserves. Navigationally, it was difficult to get an overall sense of what was available to buy at the community because the areas were buried in the main menu under “Showcase”.

The New Site

We had two designers work on the new site following a framework we developed based on learning what the community offered during the development of new content for each page over the past year. We had a vision of how it should be presented to the visitors, potential home buyers.
These goals were set and achieved by the team:

  • Fresh Professional Look – Oakbridge had created several highly produced videos and hired professional photographers to capture the essence of the golf course, high quality homes, wildlife and lifestyle available in the area. One of the main goals we had was to give those items the proper platform to shine. Simple but elegant fonts and box designs provided the background while letting the images do most of the work of telling the story of Oakbridge.
  • Clear Communication of what Oakbridge offers – The rotating slider begins a strikingly positive perception of the community for visitors but know right away what it is by the proclamation under the logo “Golf Course Community Homes”. And the first row under the hero shot slider, showing up above the fold on most computer screens, gives the name, a brief explanation, and teaser text so potential customers can immediately see the type of homes Oakbridge Realty has to sell.
  • Gallery – Different visitors like to explore websites and companies in different ways, many people like pictures. We developed a gallery for each home type they offer to use on the individual page for each type. For visitors looking for an overview, they can go to the gallery page which combines all galleries on one page with a short description of each one. A complete tour of the Oakbridge community, Grasslands Country Club, and available homes.
  • Blog – A blog serves many purposes, but the main one is to create a lively connection with website visitors. With its new blog, Oakbridge can keep visitors update on events at the club, the real estate market, new homes and community issues. A potential customer can get an immediate sense of the pulse of the community. It also serves search engine optimization well by keeping content fresh and dynamic.

Now Grasslands Homes has an extremely strong foundation to carry forward as part of an internet marketing plan with continued search engine optimization, pay per click campaigns or email marketing. All facets of the strategy will now yield a greater return on investment since Oakbridge is sending potential customers to a site capable of strong conversion rates.

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