Link Building Questionnaire

In the quest to gain ranking in organic (free) search results, companies need links from other websites to their website.  A wealth of potential links often resides in the mind of a business owner. At its core, link building online is similar to relationship building offline. Why not leverage the years of the business and business owner’s relationships to get a great foundation of links.  Here is a list of questions meant to elicit potential link ideas to pursue.

  • Do you have any events coming up? Whether you are participating, sponsoring, or leading an event, the website usually has a page listing those who are associated with it. Get your company on that page.
  • Do you give to any charities? They should have a thank you page on their website.
  • Do you volunteer anywhere? Can you?
  • Sponsor any sports teams?
  • Do you have any customers who would be open to linking to your website?
  • Are you sponsoring anything?
  • Any related businesses? An example is process servers for attorneys.
  • Ability to be in local newspapers? These are great websites for local businesses because they are powerful sites with geographic relevance Google loves.
  • Local Clubs or Groups?
  • Are you a member of the chamber of commerce?
  • Can you think of any local resource page you can develop?
  • What manufacturers do you sell?
  • Have you done or any chance to talk to local groups?
  • Have you or any chance to speak to any class?
  • Any friends with businesses who would link to you?
  • Would any alma matters want to write about you?
  • Any alumni directories?
  • Do you/would you offer any internship opportunities?
  • Would you offer a discount to organizations?
  • Would you sponsor a meetup group?
  • Do you make any effort ot be green?
  • Do you know of any awards you have won or could win/ nominated?
  • Do you have a mission?
  • Do you belong to a church?
  • Do you know of any neighborhood watch websites?

Develop a Plan

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