Oct 2019 DMP Update – Structured Reviews, Zoom Info & Eliminating Google+ Link

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Structured Reviews

As we all know by now, reviews are one of the most important factors in driving new customers to your business. In fact, 86% of consumers read reviews for local businesses, and 90% of those read at least one review before deciding to visit or use a business. They can be a huge conversion factor by giving your company social proof.

Review Star Ratings Showing in Search ResultsWhile most reviews take place on a third-party platform such as Yelp or Google, There is a process that allows companies to display first-party reviews (collected directly by the company) directly on the search results.. The key is to code them correctly with data structured to allow Google search algorithms to recognize them.

If you code it correctly, Google may show the star rating directly on the search results. The benefits include:

  • A more conspicuous search result – Searchers are more likely to see your ad with the gold stars showing up under the main listing.
  • Greater click-through rate – more clicks in the same position
  • Build social proof directly in search results.

The coding process must include a 5-star rating system for the reviews people leave on your site. These stars, plus the correct underlying coding, allows Google to capture these reviews, index them and include them in web searches.

The key to this 5-star rating system is that the reviews must be for a specific product or service because Google will not recognize a general company reviews linked to your site’s home page. While this process can be challenging for small, local businesses, it can still be very effective. The key is to have the 5-star reviews linked to a specific product or service page on your site so your reviews can reach a larger audience and truly promote your brand and business.


For anyone and every business that has even a minimal web presence, Zoominfo has gathered information on them. Unlike Google, which prioritizes high visibility search results, Zoominfo helps searchers locate accurate, relatable information on the person or business that they want to know about.

This company began as a way for people to conduct a narrow search of information not easily found on other platforms but has grown to be the go-to site for B2B connections and business growth. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to collect information and uses human research and verification techniques to assure accuracy.

Why Your B2B Business Needs a Zoominfo Account

There are many reasons to open a Zoominfo account but first and foremost, it’s about control. You will see everything about you and your business that is on the web, and have the opportunity to correct any errors that might exist. Visibility and connections are the other reason to create an account. Through Zoominfo, you can identify your ideal customers through the information that includes an overview, employees, news articles, and organizational charts.

This company offers sales, marketing and enterprise solutions that out-shines LinkedIn and other B2B sales sites. Zoominfo listings often rank high in search results so no doubt values the listing when determining the search ranking for the business.

Eliminate Google+ Page Icon and Link

Most businesses have links to social media platforms on their websites to encourage visitors to learn more about their company and to share positive feedback with others. In addition to Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, some websites include a link to their Google+ page. Unfortunately, Google + doesn’t exist anymore, so if someone clicks on this link, they are sent to an error page.

Sending a customer to an error page results in a bad experience and potentially lost sales. Also, this Google+ link has no impact SEO rankings so it delivers no value to your company. For these reasons, we strongly recommend that you remove your Google+ link from your website.

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