Local SEO Digital Marketing Plan

Attract more online leads than your competitors

3 – Ongoing Actions

Activities done on continuing basis to improve your web presence.

Action ItemPriorityDescriptionResources
Website TechnicalThis list assumes a WordPress website. The time between actions varies depending on the size of your site and how dynamic it is. But some are important often.
Website Hosting1A computer has to store all the files associated with your website so when someone wants to visit, that hosting computer/company can feed the website to the visitor's browser. These days, the security and speed of a website are paramount for conversion and search engine ranking. Even though hosting can be purchased for as little as a few dollars per month, paying a little more is a worthwhile investment.
Check Site Uptime1Continuously monitor your website uptime using a service to send you an email the instant it goes down.
Check Desktop Site Speed3Confirm the website is performing at peak speed every month. As platforms such as WordPress release updated versions, it can affect the performance of existing sites. Malware can also cause performance issues.Google Page Speed
Check Mobile Site Speed3Check mobile speed independently of desktop speed. It will be part of the Google Page Speed check but check independently if your mobile site has a different url.
Check Google index for useless pages4As a website changes, it can create broken links or extra pages in Google's index that should not be there. A check of Google's index by searching "site:mydomain.com" can help identify any unnecessary pages that could affect search engine performance.
Check for messages or manual action in Google Search Console3Google can communicate with website owners through the search console. Messages could be about error pages or as serious as manual actions taken against the site which could drastically affect performance in search results. The search console should be checked periodically.
Check for crawler errors Webmaster Tools/Search Console3Google's Search Console also identifies any crawler errors it comes across. These should be fixed.
Update Wordpress Version1WordPress is constantly upgrading updating its platform to improve features, performance, and security. A website must be checked before each one of these upgrades to ensure it still works properly. It might affect performance or even cause some features to break. Many times this is due to the use of plugins that are no longer compatible with the new version.
Update all Plugins1Plugins are miniature programs used in WordPress sites uploaded to perform a specific function. These need to be updated frequently either because the functionality changed or because of the need to comply with a new, upgraded version of WordPress.
Send Website Forms Checks2Forms need to be checked periodically to confirm receipt. Every missed form could mean lost revenue for a company that would never know they weren't coming in. We send a form test every month to every form on a website.
Recieve Website Form Receipt Confirmation Reply2After we sent the form check submission, we need confirmation it was received by the person responsible for following up with the potential customer. A form isn't truly checked until we are sure the notification recipient responsible for contacting the lead acknowledges receipt.
Form Confirmation Email CheckIf you have form confirmation emails set up (to the visitor who filled it out), periodically check to make sure they are working correctly.
Check all phone tracking numbers2Call tracking numbers need to be checked to confirm calls are getting routed properly to the person who handles incoming call leads. A simple call to the tracking number should be good enough.
Site Backup3A website backup should be taken and installed in a local computer to avoid catastrophe after a problem with host servers. Many higher-end hosting companies take automatic backups, but we like to have a local version also.
Confirm Domain Registration1Domain registration needs to be renewed every year. If for some reason, the credit card on file no longer works when the domain is set to auto-renew, the domain could be lost.
Check Menu is Working1Menus tend to break during website updates. They should be checked periodically to confirm all dropdowns and flyouts work properly.
Check Mobile Menu1Mobile menus sometimes function independently of desktop menu and should be checked independently. Ideally, check on both Android and Safari browsers since we have seen them produce conflicting results.
Confirm AMP Working2A website using AMP for the mobile version should be checked by looking for the lighting icon in mobile search results and error indications in the Google Search Console.
Check Mobile Static Header2If the mobile version of a website has a mobile static header, it must be check once per month since they tend to be buggy.
Update Website Admin User Passwowrds3Since bad actors are always trying to hack into websites, periodic checking of admins to eliminate inactive users and update passwords is highly recommended.
Update Website Owner Domain Registrar Passwords4Update your password at your registrar, the place you purchased your domain. (GoDaddy, Registrar.com, Network Solutions, etc.)
Check blacklists3Confirm your site is not on a blacklist for spam. Malicious software can be injected into your site without warning or knowledge.MX Toolbox
Check for Bad Outbound Links4Outbound links are those that your website links to.  These are appropriate as part of the internet exchanging information. These should be checked periodically to make sure they are all going to a current page and that no malware has injected spammy links you haven't seen yet. The link in resources goes to a link checker that can scan your site to find any inappropriate external page.Dr. Link Checker
Website Updates
Check for New Coupons or Specials4If a business has periodically changing offers or specials, update that info on the website.
Check for New Employees or Information3If your website has a "Meet the Team" page, periodically make sure any changes are reflected.
Holidays or Special Hours3Inform your customers of times your business will be closed or change hours. You can have a banner on top where you can display or use a temporary popup.
New Testimonials4Written, audio recorded, or video testimonials are very effective ways to establish social proof. These should always be updated with more current happy customers. They are more effective when including more information about what their "problem" was, how you guided them to a solution, and how they enjoy the results.
Pictures and Images3If you have a gallery on your website, don't let it go stale. Add any new pictures or images to your website also.
Update Pages2Most website "pages" contain evergreen content about your company's products and services. They typically go years without even being looked at. Review them to add new information or remove out-of-date information. Updates and additional in-depth knowledge you can impart to visitors will impress Google too.
Check title tag rewrites4Google has been rewriting 50-80% of title tags in the search results. They may do it to match the search terms better, make title tags that are too long or short fit better, or maybe they don't like yours. If you find they are rewriting it to something you don't like, see if you can change it from your end to conform more to what Google is looking for.10 Ways to Beat Google Title Rewrites
Website Content AdditionNew content is always a good idea to improve SEO and keep a website fresh.
New Products or Services1These should be the first thing added once available.
Blog Posts4Consistent post publishing makes your blog more successful, increases SEO, and can improve visitor conversions.
Answer common questions3Write a page or, most appropriately, a blog post about common questions asked in your industry. A great place to find ideas is the search term report in the Google Search Console or Google or Microsoft Ads. These pages should show up #1 when someone asks Google these questions the next time.
Project or Case Study3One of the best ways to influence visitors into a customer conversion is to show them you have done it before. If you are constantly adding this type of content to your website, you give visitors the satisfying feeling of confidence you can do it for them. Additionally, if you have one that speaks to exactly what they are looking for, it gives you even more credibility.
Long Tail Pages4Create pages that will rank for long-tail searches on your website. For instance, a plumber might have a page about "leak detection" on their website which could rank for "leak detection." Even if they mention a "camera inspection" on the page, it may not rank high for searches of "camera inspection." If they created a page focused only on "camera inspection", they could put "camera inspection" in the title tag and that would have a greater chance to rank and bring customers.
Videos4See complete section below on video creation.
New Content Checklist
Unique Content1All content added to your website should be unique, first published on the internet by you. Generally, content should be at least 300 words to qualify as "enough." However, if the point can be made in less, that is fine. And, of course, if it takes more, that would be even better. The most important quality of new content is that it will be read and enjoyed by visitors. One piece of extraordinarily good content is worth many times that of poor or moderately good content.
Use a unique or stock image4Every page is more effective with a photo, illustration, graphic, or diagram. Ideally, they are original pictures or illustrations that the web has never seen before, created by the company publishing, and relates to the topic at hand.
Use engaging descriptive title with keywords2The title of the content, especially a blog post, should entice visitors to read it. While the keywords targeted by the content are naturally included, do your best to make sure as many can be included as possible without looking spammy.
Use bullets and H2 tags wherever possible3Nobody likes to see a block of text staring them in the face when they get to a web page. Using sub-headlines and bullets can break things up and organize the page for easier consumption.
Maintain 7px margin between image and text3Text running right up to the picture looks terrible. Leave space around the images.
Use captions for image if appropriate5If an image needs any sort of explanation, captions work well. It can also serve as another way to use keywords to improve SEO.
Link to any on-site pages relevant to text3Any topics referenced in the new piece of content that already have pages should be linked to it from the new blog post with the text that refers to it.
Link to any supporting external web pages.3Any web pages or information referred to in the new post should be linked to where appropriate.
Link from pages within website to the new piece of content.3Internal linking is an important way to increase the effectiveness of a website. Look for other places on the site where the reader might be interested in reading this newly published content. The internal links also help search engine optimization. All internal links help distribute power around the website, and to give information about the content of the page using link text and context. Once blog pages are pushed off the main blog page, they often get dropped from the Google index because they have no power. Linking to it from other pages helps keep it in the index.
Modify/Add Content4Even if the best link text is not available to link to the new piece of content, it behooves website owners to create new content within an existing page to facilitate a link that fits.
Create a good meta title tag2See "Offsite Foundational" section for descriptions and best practices for title tags.
Create an effective meta description3See "Offsite Foundational" page for description and best practices of meta descriptions.
Make sure links are underlined4Link text is routinely underlined as well as a different font color. Make sure the link text is underlined if that is a practice on the site.
Set mobile search imageUse a square image early within the content or set it as the featured image in Yoast.
Add Page to Web Page Analysis5Add page to "6-Website Analysis" sheet of this digital marketing plan
For Blog Posts
Assign a featured Image2WordPress and other blogging sites provide the ability to add a featured image that populates to represent that blog post on the main blog page, category pages, or places where the "latest" blog posts are displayed. Not necessary if your blog does not utilize the featured image.
Confirm featured image looks good3If you add a featured image, check the places it shows up to make sure it is not cut off or displays unwanted margins.
Create an Experpt3Used for a teaser on the main blog page and unique content for either the main blog page or category pages.
Assign Author5Most companies have several people writing blog posts. Each should have their own username to have authorship assigned to them. The author usually shows on the blog post itself.
Assign Category3Assign each blog post to the appropriate category. Generally, "categories" are used in a general term and only one is assigned for each blog post.
Assign Tags if used4Tags are another way to assign topics to a blog post that can be searched later. Generally, publishers use several tags for each blog post.
Use Author Bio Box5Google also wants you to clearly state who is creating the content and what their credentials are.
Video Development3Videos are more and more important to your digital marketing efforts. They can help get your message across to visitors who don't feel like reading, begin to develop a relationship with them if the owner or employees are in the video, or convey happy customers in the case of a testimonial video. In addition to conversions, use everything you can to extract the most SEO benefit.
Descriptive Title with Keywords3Much like the title tag of every page on your website, write an SEO-friendly title tag. Local businesses should include the product or service of the video's topic along with the city or areas that they serve. Keywords closer to the beginning tend to carry more weight. The challenge with a video title is that it is not just a line of code in the webpage, it is the actual title of the video. Take more care to make it flow rather than keyword stuffing.
Location Tagging4Especially important for local businesses, put your Google My Business address in the "location" field.
Descriptions3The description is a great way to convey a synopsis of the video to entice viewers to watch it. You can also add calls to action with links to your website or other things you want the visitor to do.
Transcription/Subtitles4Youtube automatically transcribes videos, but go in to edit incorrect words or punctuation.
Add Video to Website3If appropriate, add the video to your website. Only high-quality videos are good for the home page, but service or product-related videos can be embedded on the relevant page or testimonials should be added to the customer reviews page.
Add Video to Google Business Profile3Even though you upload to YouTube, you still have the opportunity to upload the file to your Google Business Profile. Your listing benefits as you upload content, so add the video to enhance your listing.
Add Video to Facebook4Instead of posting the Youtube link on your facebook page, upload the file so facebook can host and post the video directly. This could increase its reach since facebook naturally favors it's own content. It will also always be there on your page in the "videos" section for people who are "checking you out."
Google my Business Video Maker5Google released a template video maker in their Google My Business platform. It creates a good-looking video perfect for a social post, Google post, or to upload on directory listings like Google, Yelp, Facebook.Google Video Maker
Spread New ContentThe idea for social media posts in regards to website content is to spread it on each platform. If you write a compelling intro with a link, you can get people back to your site to consume the content and convert them into a customer.
Google Listing Post3
Facebook Posts3
Instagram Post5
Linkedin Post4
Twitter Post4
Houzz Post4
Industry Sites5
EventsHosting or promoting events can be a great way to get exposure online. It opens up many new sites to obtain links and citations.
Add to Website2Publish the event on the company's website calendar or blog.
Use Schema Markup4Schema markup tells search engines about the event so there is a better chance of it showing up on search results.
Facebook Events3
Google Events Post3
Yelp Events5
Evente Seeker4https://eventseeker.com/
Town Planner4http://www.townplanner.com/town-planner/tx/events
American Towns5https://www.americantowns.com/
813 area5https://www.813area.com/tampa/ybor-city/events/
Wiki Do5http://www.wikido.com/
Google Business Profile
Check for Google Automatic Updates1Oftentimes Google takes it upon themselves or a random person can submit a change to a company's Google page. Google does notify the page's owners for a period of time before changing. This should be checked to stop unwanted changes.
Update Categories, Products & ServicesGoogle is constantly adding new categories businesses can choose from to define what they do. Periodically check to see if any new ones can focus your offering even more. For instance, they may add a new attorney type that is close to a practice area you specialize in.  They are also frequently automatically adding services to your "Services" list, so make sure none of them represent something you don't do.
Add New Images3Updating images is always a good idea to keep the page fresh.
Geotagged5All images can be geotagged to increase location confidence. This practice was recently tested and revealed to have no effect.
Metadata Name, Keywords, Descriptions and Titles4All images must be named, titled and tagged.
Add Video4Google gives businesses a specific place to upload and video to their Google Business Profile.
Add Holiday Hours1Holiday hours should be entered for any deviation from normal scheduled hours.
Add Holiday Hours to Bing3If you are adding to Google, add to Bing also.
Publish Google Posts4Google gives businesses the opportunity to publish posts to show up on their knowledge panel (right side Google information on search results). These are a great way to take up more space on the search results while giving searchers more information. When first released, Google posts disappeared from the knowledge panel after a week. Now they are left on continuously, so less frequent posting will not result in the posts disappearing.
  • Holiday Hours
5You can add a post alerting people about holiday hours even though you added them in the "hours" section
  • New Blog Posts
3Any new blog posts or any content published on your website can be promoted here.
  • New Facebook Posts
3If you are posting on Facebook, why not post on Google too. Some of the more casual Facebook posts might not be best for Google.
  • New Reviews
3If you get a review on a site other than Google, repost it here to show potential customers you get reviews everywhere.
Remove Bad Images4Bad images can creep into your google business listing. Posts from other Google users are hard to remove, but some can be based on policy violations.
Check Google Questions3Google now gives people the opportunity to ask questions of businesses directly from the search results. At the same time, anyone else can answer them, which could be a recipe for false or uncomprehensive answers.
Answer Google Questions2It is imperative that businesses constantly check for new questions and answer them as the business owner (which will indicate if answered while logged in as the business owner). It is also another instance Google gives businesses to show engagement and to add relevant content with keywords and geographic references, great for conversion and SEO.
Report Competitor Spam4Businesses are constantly trying to game the Google listings. The most common infractions can be keywords included in the business name, using a home address, using a virtual address, or self-made reviews. Report these to Google and if they take them down or penalize, you move up the rankings.Google Listing Spam
Email MarketingEmail marketing is still considered to be the best value in digital marketing. Much of its effectiveness depends on the contact list and how it is assembled. An email with content recipients crave to a healthy list of opt-in contacts bears lots of fruit.
Send a periodic emailSome companies send a drip campaign for days after signup while others send only when they have something to say. Send whenever you have something compelling for recipients to read.
  • New services/products
  • Discounts or specials
  • Seasonal change reminders
  • New employees
  • Updates to your industry
  • Promote new content
If you recently published a great case study or a new project on your site, send an email to promote it.
Confirm mobile effectivenessMany email marketing platforms are free but require a paid version to develop mobile responsive emails. Since a large proportion of emails are opened on a phone, confirm yours looks good on a phone.
Improve External Links2Google established itself as the best search engine by using "Page Rank", which considered that website with a lot of links to it must be a good site. The beauty of the internet is that everything is interconnected, so if more sites want to "connect" with you, your site must be more valuable. Each link is considered a "vote." Although Google is incorporating more usage data like dwell time and pogo-sticking to rank websites these days, external links remain a leading indicator of a website's value.
Create incredibly great content3The best way to get links is organically, as Google intended. Create content on your site so great that other websites find it and naturally link to it for the benefit of their visitors.
Check Existing Links to Confirm Google IndexingExternal links from deep pages (isolated pages, far from the main menu) on a website often fall out of the Google Index, rendering the link useless. Companies should track all the links they get and periodically check them to confirm Google still has visibility of the page with the link and help them if necessary.
Build links to web pages that link to the company's domainIf a web page that links to your company's website is not in the Google index, build links to that page to make sure Google discovers it. Building links to any page that links to your website can help the "power" of that link.
Perform Link Building QuestionnaireThis questionnaire is a great way to brainstorm for possible links. Many times there are link opportunities a business owner might not realize (such as sponsorships or friend's websites). Periodically answering this questionnaire can elicit ideas.Link Building Questionnaire
Competitor LinksLooking at external links to your company's competitor's website is a great way to find "low hanging fruit" to add links to your link profile. It will frequently illuminate relevant links that will be easier to obtain than most. There are several free and paid and paid tools to use.
  • Majestic SEO
A premium tool for finding links to websites.Majestic
  • Moz Site Explorer
A premium tool for finding links to websites.Moz Link Explorer
  • aRefs
A premium tool for finding links to websites.ahrefs
  • LinkMiner
A premium tool for finding links to websites.LinkMiner
  • OpenLinkProfiler
A FREE tool for finding website backlinksOpenLinkProfiler
  • Niel Patel
Some features available for free.Neil Patel Backlinks
  • Bing Webmaster Tools
Bing now gives their known backlinks to websites in the webmaster tools platform. Once your website is verified, enter your competitors in The "SEO --> Backlinks" page found on on the left sidebar to find out Bing's known external links.
VendorsVendors of your company are a great way to gain links to your site. They are industry-specific and feel more compelled than most to give you a link. They often have a page on their website for their customers.
OutreachAnother strategy for obtaining backlinks is to outreach to another website that might want to link to content on your site. Publishing industry-leading unique content is a great way to make this more effective.
Relevant BlogsLook for blogs that write about your industry and ask them to write about and link to your site. Obviously, you need to have engaging content on your site that will add value to the site you are asking for a link.
Relevant WebsitesLook for websites that could link to your web page to provide more value for thier visitors. A great example of this would be a site that has a fantastic page about one of the items on this plan and asked me to link to it i the resources column.
ManufacturersIf you sell any type of product, see if the manufacturer of them has an area of their website where you can be listed. They will often have a "store locator" page.
News ReportersMany writers are looking for experts in topics to give input and cite in their article. Several platforms exist to connect these people.Help a Reporter
Guest PostingFind blogs or websites in your industry or an industry you serve and offer them content for them to publish on their site with the understanding they will link back to your site. This strategy has been grossly overdone in many cases, but is still effective if not done in a spammy way. This is a great supplemental, not a primary link-building strategy.
Convert Brand Mentions or Citations to linksAny time your company is mentioned on the web, without a link to your website, it is worth inquiring if the publisher could add a one.
Point Blank Link Building TacticsThis is a very comprehensive list of link-building opportunities that is updated regularly.Link Building Strategies
Find Unsponsored MeetupsIf you sponsor a meetup group, you get a followed link from a high value, localized page on Meetup.com
Chamber of CommerceAlthough a paid membership and link, the Chamber of Commerce is a fantastic link. It shows involvement in the community, it is a high-value link, and it has geographic relevance.
Neighborhood Watch Websites2Many neighborhoods have a website. Try to find one for all the neighborhoods your business services and take a look to see if there is any way you can get a link on it. There could be a business directory (you may have to pay) or you could contribute something to the neighborhood or website to warrant a link.
Check for Errant Listings3Search engines like to be confident in that information and consistency helps increase credibility. Therefore, all mentions using errant information such as old names, addresses, or phone numbers reduce a company's ranking ability. All errant listings must be found and changed or deleted.
Search Old Company Names3Use Google search to mine for mentions of old company names.
Search old phone numbers3Use Google search to mine for mentions of old or alternative phone numbers.
Search old addresses3Use Google search to mine for mentions of old company addresses.
Add Citations3Once errant listings are removed, build new ones. Several tools exist to find opportunities relevant to a and industry or geographic location such as neighborhood, city, or state.
Find Competitor Citations with Google3Search competitors on Google to find places they are mentioned.
Find Competitor Citations with Whitespark5Premium local citation finder with free features.Whitespark Local Citation Finder
Online Review Management2
Review Addition
  • Send review request emails to all customers
Send Review requests to customers whenever possible
  • Monitor links on requests
Periodically check the sites and links you send to customers in your review request. If you are needing more reviews on one particular platform to spread them out, make that platform more prominent in your request.
  • Confirm employees are familiar with review systems in place
Constant training on the EyeQuest review system
Confirm New Reviews Populating Reviews on my WebsiteIf you are embedding reviews on one of your website pages, confirm new ones are populating.
Respond to All ReviewsThere are several reasons to respond to all reviews. First, it shows engagement with customers, great for conversions. Second, it allows you to subtly promote your business using geographic and business-related keywords. Lastly, when you inevitably need to respond to a negative review, visitors perceive it as less defensive since it is a normal part of business practice.
  • Contact employees mentioned in review
Employees mentioned in the review should be contacted to leave a response more personalized response.
Remove negative reviewsMany times negative reviews are against the review site policy. A good example is a review left by a third party, not the actual customer. These can usually be removed.
Ban people with bad reviews from facebookPeople who leave bad reviews on facebook can be banned from the page so only thier friends see the negative review.
Add new employees to create review form shortcutTrain any new employees on your reviews request system.
Remove Fake Competitor Reviews4Since reviews affect rankings in Google Maps and can influence purchase decisions, it could benefit your company to report and remove the spammy, fake reviews of your competitors. The Transparency Company has a Chrome extension for automatically discovering fake reviews and generates a report to use in reporting to Google.Report Google Spam
Respond to Social Mentions5Check for social mentions - Sprout socialSprout Social
Track Results
Web Visits by Source3Website visits are the engine that drives new leads. Monitoring the number of visits over time for direct visits, organic visits, and referral sites is a leading indicator of your digital marketing success.
Google Business Profile Activity/Insights3Activity on your Google listing is very important, even compared to your website visits. They are always adding more information to the dashboard. Currently, the best ones to look at are views from direct searches (searching for your brand), discovery (looking for your products or services), or Branded (competitors). They also tell you about conversions such as website visits, directions requests, calls, and text messages.
Conversions3Track the whole point of digital marketing.
  • Phone Calls
3Keyword level call tracking platforms can tell you where every caller came from, direct visits, referred traffic, paid visits, or organic visits.
  • Forms
3Most forms can be modified to provide the referral link, which gives us a lot of information on the type of visitor who filled it out.
  • Chats
4Chat systems also have referral data available to set up.
  • Sales Revenue
4Sales revenue resulting from digital marketing efforts is the ultimate indicator of success or failure. It is hard to determine the origin of many visits due to Maps listings visits and the fact that brand searches are classified as organic visits. The easiest segment to track is paid advertising because it is easier to determine a visit came from ads with form referral data and by using keyword-level call tracking.
Keyword Rankings
Google Organic3The straight organic ranking of your website.
Google Maps3Since Google Maps is a huge traffic source for local businesses, keep track of your ranking here independently. These results vary widely depending on where the searcher is, so find these rankings from the same place every time to see relative changes. The best way to find the purest ranking is to look at results from a geographic keyword from a location far away.
"Only Companies" Ranking (Non Directories)5We like to track rankings only in relation to competitors, independent of directories like Yelp.
Improve Website Conversion
Mouseflow AnalysisMouseflow is a platform that video records the activity on a website so you can get a feeling for the flow of many visitors to find ways to improve the site.Mouseflow
Change your taglines
Change images or buttons on website
Change arrangement of sections
Content Addition
A/B TestingTest two different versions of a web page by comparing conversion rates.
Improve Copy PersuasionContent on landing pages can always be improved to drive more conversions by using emotions or more convincing proof that you offer the best solution.
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